At Cashway Building Supply, we operate with an “all-hands-on deck mentality” with each team member willing to step up and do any task needed while still offering their own areas of expertise to our customers.

Chase Burdette

Chase started at Cashway in 2020, while earning a degree in Economics at the University of Memphis. Chase oversees the financial aspects of the business and works closely with vendors, contractors, and homeowners to make the best buying decisions for our customers. Chase specializes in providing quotes for jobs of all sizes. When Chase needs a break from desk work, you’ll find him on the forklift or stacking lumber!

Kevin Howell

Kevin is a familiar face at Cashway and has an extensive background in the building supply industry. Kevin is our Andersen Window expert and can help you with custom window and door packages, along with providing a complete quote for any project. Kevin works with contractors, vendors and customers to answer questions and provide top-notch service. After work hours, you’ll find Kevin flipping houses, restoring vintage campers, at church or school board meetings!

Jaclyn Burdette

Jaclyn is a new face at Cashway and is learning the ropes of the lumber and hardware business. Jaclyn holds a business degree with an emphasis in marketing, but found her passion in teaching. As fate would have it, her experience working with pre-teens has been very beneficial in working with the guys at Cashway! Jaclyn oversees inventory management, marketing, and Human Resources.

John Bricker

John has worked at Cashway for many years and wears many hats; he is our go-to guy for all the difficult questions. John holds a CDL, encompasses a vast knowledge of all building supply products, and is a jack-of-all-trades handyman.

Stevey Grisham

Stevey has worked at Cashway for four years, and is our full-time lumberyard and delivery driver. Stevey keeps our trucks running and looking good, and our deliveries on time and friendly. Stevey is a one-of-a-kind team member, be sure to honk when you see him on the road!

Alan Burdette

Alan is a familiar face at Cashway and holds a CDL. Alan takes a break from his full-time job of farming to help out in all aspects of the business when needed.

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